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~ Saturday, October 6 ~
Oh Upland (Taken with Instagram)

Oh Upland (Taken with Instagram)

~ Thursday, September 13 ~

What if?

What if what I want is what God wants? Can they be the same? Or am I just in denial about the fact that God and I might agree on my future? This is the question that was brought up to me yesterday on a lunch date I had with a good friend. Not going to lie, life has been a bit stressful lately, with relationships, academics, social life, really just balancing life. And I didn’t really realize how much it had been effecting me till I met with my friend. 

After talking to her, I realized that I had been a completely different person this semester, and I was actually a lot more negative, and a lot more unpleasant to be around. To be honesty, i’ve just been rude this entire semester, and I’ve done nothing but complain to anyone and everyone. I feel like this semester is going to be rough, and I’ve let that control me. Between the drama of being in a relationship at Taylor and competing with everyone on campus to have the busiest life, how do we all still have time left over for God? 

I had a small group leaders meeting the other night and one of the girls said that she was just tired of people listing off all their commitments and all the jobs, classes, and other activities they were doing in their lives, and that she didn’t want to be like that anymore. And after thinking that through. I don’t want to be that way either. Why should I complain about the great blessings that I have in my life, and why should I brag about having no time for God? If I want to be right in my relationship with Christ I have to COMMIT my life to him, which includes my time. 

This semester I’m going to commit myself to spending more time with God than I have ever before! I want more of Him, and after my great summer at camp I know that I need Him to make it through each day. I need to be giving up myself in order to receive more of  Him. But as I said earlier the great thing about giving up myself for Him, is that sometimes we might have the same goal for my life. Maybe, just maybe, God put some of these desires on my heart for a reason, maybe He wants them to happen. I have to stop stressing out so much about my financial problems, my relationship problems, my academic problems and give them all to God because I can trust Him, I just simply have to live by faith. 

As I write this, I’m listening to the song ‘Restless’ by Audrey Assad. And it says “You are the keeper of my heart! And I’m restless, I’m restless, till I rest in you! Till I rest in you! I am restless, I’m restless, till I rest in you! Till I rest in you!”, and this is my prayer. That I may rest in the peace that He has bestow upon me. I don’t deserve anything that I receive and yet God gives it to me anyway. So why don’t I stop this complaining, stop this negativity, and stop this attitude that I always have lately, and in exchange outpour on others the love and the grace that God has bestowed upon me. 

What if I just gave my life to Christ, and really meant it? 

~ Friday, September 7 ~
Day 2: thankful for Val and Starbucks!  (Taken with Instagram)

Day 2: thankful for Val and Starbucks! (Taken with Instagram)

~ Friday, August 17 ~
My true love. (Taken with Instagram)

My true love. (Taken with Instagram)

~ Tuesday, August 14 ~
I’m Danie Sopp and I have an addiction. #addict (Taken with Instagram)

I’m Danie Sopp and I have an addiction. #addict (Taken with Instagram)

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~ Wednesday, August 8 ~

My True Home. 

Today I was going through my stuff again to pack it up…again. But for some reason this time was different. This time I felt sick, physically sick, as I was thinking back to this summer. I never really think I have a home, just because I’m always moving from place to place, never really settling down. But as I was packing up today just going through the stuff that I have, deciding what to take and not to take I just thought about camp and the people there. I cannot wrap my mind around the summer that I’ve had, and the people that I’ve met. 

I was talking to one of my REALLY good friends from camp, Hannah, and she was just explaining to me that she felt so different with her friends now, because she had changed so much, and it was just hard to be with them. And the funny thing is, was that I was talking to my friend from home the same thing a couple days ago about me, and the people here. It’s just so hard to connect with them now, as we are just in such different places. And the weird thing is, is that it wasn’t this way at the beginning of the summer. I can say that I feel 100% different than the person that I was at the beginning of the summer, and I have SpringHill to thank for that one. 

I think for the first time in my life, I feel secure in where I am in my life. Now I’m not saving that I feel comfortable about situations, because we are not called to live a comfortable life. But I feel secure in my walk with Christ because I know that I have grown so close to Him this summer, that I’m going to have a very hard time running away from Him again. It’s just so cool to think about the beginning of the summer and all the doubts that I had coming into a new situation with new people. And now looking back at all the things I’ve learned, all the good times I’ve had, all the AMAZING and life time friends that I’ve made. SpringHill is that home that I had been searching for. It’s that home that I had been longing for all these years. 

That one remark about SpringHill being a glimpse of Heaven always sticks in my head, as I can see it being completely true. It is a glimpse of my true Home. It’s where I have been designed to be. I love the idea that while being on earth, we will always be homesick, always looking for something more…because we were meant for more than this place. But looking at SpringHill…as a glimpse. It’s it. SpringHill makes the world seem like it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a little ray of sunshine every time I think about SpringHill as it gets me excited about my time in heaven. If I can be so passionate and so excited about a summer at SpringHill, how much more am I going to be excited on that day when I return to my heavenly HOME! :) 

~ Friday, August 3 ~

Real life is rough. And it’s nothing like the life I’ve had at SpringHill. I’ve definitely come to that conclusion as I’ve been away from camp for a week now. It stinks not being your friends  who encourage you 24/7 (literally 24/7) and who know exactly what you’ve been going through all summer, what you’ve learned, and how you’ve changed.

As I try to talk to people at home or even at Taylor about the SpringHill community, or about camp in the way that it works, and really all that i’ve learned I’ve found myself struggling to really get the point across of what really happened at camp this summer. So much has happened but I don’t even know how to begin what to say. I don’t know how to tell people that it’s been the best summer of my life, because I’ve seen God work in the most craziest ways possible. I’ve seen God shine through some of the hardest children, I’ve seen Him work in the hearts of 74 little girls that I got to have as campers. How am I suppose to tell people just what their faces looked like when 17 of them accepted Christ this summer. I’ve never seen anyone change so dramatically, so quickly and yet people want me to explain that? How am I suppose to do that?

I have been completely changed this summer and that is by the grace of God. I learned things and grown in areas that I didn’t think I needed growing in. I didn’t know I had so many weaknesses and I didn’t know God was going to work through all of them this summer. I didn’t know I was so fearful of the world, and that God was going to work through those fears to help me share my testimony. I’m still process all that has happened this summer and I probably will for a while. But does that mean I shouldn’t share with people who are asking me now, “How was your summer?”

I think overall the only thing that I can say to people about my summer is that God worked in and through me this summer in some amazing ways and it’s really just hard to explain how He did it. Writing is really the only way that I can help people understand that God is huge and that He SERIOUSLY worked at SpringHill this summer. Through the staff, through the campers, and through everyone who walked onto camp property. It is absolutely amazing to just look back at this summer already and realize all the relationships that have been built, all of the bible verses we’ve read, all of the times that we’ve prayed. God was there throughout all of camp, and there really wasn’t a second that I couldn’t see Him. 

SpringHill really is like a glimpse of heaven. And knowing that has made me even more excited about getting to heaven one day, and experiencing an even better place than SpringHill. But for now, I’m okay with living at camp for the rest of my life. And although I don’t get to do that and I might not be able to come back I seriously am going to pray that God would bring me back next year. Cause I loved seeing Him in a whole new light, and I loved having Him use me in ways that I could never imagine. 

My verse for my time not spent at SpringHill. Given to me by my higher ground leader that I barely knew. God works through the little things in life, and it’s awesome to see Him do it!

Phil 2:15.  so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”[a] Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.

~ Wednesday, August 1 ~
Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

~ Monday, July 30 ~

The SpringHill Staff.

This is where my heart is at. With these people and so many more that I got to know this summer. The 7 weeks that I spent at SpringHill Camp were the best 7 weeks of my entire life. I didn’t know I could learn so much, could be stretched so much, and could really see God work through so much. 

When I started out this summer I was kinda nervous about going to a brand new place, with a bunch of people I didn’t know. But as I look back I can only laugh as I realize all the friends I have made the past couple of weeks. It has been incredibly amazing to see just how these last few weeks I could become so close to so many people and now as I have left camp, I feel like I’ve left some of my best friends as well. 

The staff at SpringHill is beyond amazing, and the only way to really understand their passion for Christ and for Children is to work with them all. It’s hard for me right now to even express why the SpringHill staff is life changing and how they are just the most genuine group of people I’ve ever met. The day that I came to this realization was when I decided to hang out with some girls who worked with RedBrush (1-6 grade) and we went to walmart to get some peanut butter, oreos, and candy and then headed to the park to just talk and hang out. Little did we know that that would be the start of a 4 hour conversation at a picnic table talking about how God was working in our lives, and how we never really wanted to leave SpringHill. It was crazy how our lives all connected in some ways, and how He was really just stirring in our hearts to just be at camp this summer. Talking to those girls really made me realize that God is doing beyond all that we can think or imagine at SpringHill and He will continue to work through all of our lives as we go our separate ways and live out our lives for Christ outside of camp. 

It was so hard saying goodbye to the friends though that I have made, but it’s made me be even more thankful for the time that I’ve had with them; and it makes me want to look for friendships like that outside of camp. Yes, I do obviously go to a Christian university but at the same time it’s hard to find people who will sit at a picnic bench with you for 4 hours and just talk about God and how He is working in your life. People like that are hard to come by anywhere, even at Taylor. And although I think I’ve found a couple of people like that, I really do doubt that I’ll ever really have those kind of deep quick friendships that I’ve experienced at SpringHill this summer. 

Someone said the other day that they felt extremely blessed to be at SpringHill this summer, and I would absolutely agree. But even more so, they said that because being at SpringHill was like a “glimpse of heaven”. Thinking that thought through, it’s absolutely correct. SpringHill really is a glimpse of heaven. Obviously it has problems, as nothing is perfect here on earth but really…SpringHill is the best place on earth. Maybe it’s the complete Christian bubble over camp that makes it feel so much like heaven, but the people, the passion for Christ, and the heart felt praises of His name. It sure does feel like heaven to me, and I’m absolutely okay with spending the rest of my life at camp. 
SpringHill is where it’s at. <3 But really in order for me to fully express my love for SpringHill it must be in person as I’m in love with this camp, and I just don’t really know if I can contain the love that I have for this place.  There is absolutely no way for me to describe the wonderful Area Directors we had this summer as they were the absolute biggest blessing to me each week, especially as I got to know most of the pretty well. The girl ADs were just about the most encouraging group of people I’ve ever met and I know I couldn’t have made it through the summer without them. And the guys were just as good, always encouraging all of us no matter what. It was awesome just to see the ADs heart for the kids and also their hearts for the counselors as well. Which is why I cannot imagine next year without a single one of them. 

But as I think about next year, I have to accept the fact that it will be different and not everyone will come back. MOST people… won’t come back. It stinks but thats the truth. But all in all, I just need to know that God has great plans for the SpringHill staff this next year, and He will bring the people who need to come back to come back! God’s plans are so good, and I’m starting to really understand that…(after teaching my girls that ALL summer long). 

~ Saturday, July 21 ~

Through my weakness.

This week I’ve definitely be challenged. And it took me till today to really understand that. It’s quite possible been the hardest week at camp this far, and I even shed a couple tears to seal the deal. I never expected jr. Explorers to emotionally run me out, but I also didn’t expect to see God work through such a hard week.
As we were singing together with a couple of staff members to iChat we shared what God had been doing in our lives this summer. My friend mentioned that she has seen him working in her weaknesses an that’s what allowed her to make it through. I started thinking about what God had been teaching me this summer (especially as we have our exit interviews with the director of our areas this week) but thinking that through I had to stop and actually think. What had I been learning?
I have been challenged a lot this summer, but never really drained. I have been tired but never to tired to keep up my hype. God gave me such strength this summer, it’s incredible. But as I was weak this week I saw Him work in much different ways. This summer I found that my strength has definitely come through prayer and through The Word of God. But as this week was crazy with 3 day campers we weren’t having morning meetings and I wasn’t in the word, or praying with fellow believers. Which is why I was probably so weak this week. But as I look back on this week I learned that God strengthened me through that weakness in other ways. Having my AD Katie just come over and ask me if I was doing alright during breakfast and then hugging me as I started to cry was weird. I realized that I really needed people right then. I’m learning this summer that I don’t have to be perfect. I’m learning that I’m not meant to be perfect, and I never will be. I’m not meant to have ALL of my campers accept Christ. I’m not meant to be the “best” counselor, and I’m not meant to be everyone’s friend at camp. This summer I’ve been called to be myself and learned more about God being by my side at all times. The music drama that our ADs do this year is with the s Tenth Avenue North Song “By Your Side” one of my favorites but didn’t mean as much to me at first as it does right now. Watching the drama makes me wonder each time of I rally believe God is by my side and if my family really understands that He is. God is showing me so much that I’m do scatter brained, even as I write this I’m all over the place, and I feel like I never have time to just stop. God is working so much in my life this summer and I am just started to process it all now. I know it’s going to take a while but it’s nice to know that He is by my side during my weak moments. :)